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The BIBE section team predominantly deals with the monitoring and preparing of research for the period 1989-2015 conducted on education in a wide sense.  >> more

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ISCED 2011

In BIBE we make reference to current classification ISCED 2011 – formally approved by the Member States of UNESCO. The revised International Standard Classification of Education takes into consideration the changes which occurred in the educational systems in the whole world since the last revision of ISCED in 1997.

As an important tool, ISCED is used to produce accurate data which reflect today’s priorities and educational policies. The classification was developed for the first time by UNESCO in 1976 and was amended in 1997. In 2007 the Member States applied to UNESCO to make amendments to the version of 1997. The modified version - ISCED 2011 - was developed on the basis of uniform definitions agreed at international level in order to facilitate comparisons of education statistics and indicators in different countries. The first set of data based on the new classification will begin in 2014.

More information on the website of UNESCO Institute for Statistics:

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