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The BIBE section team predominantly deals with the monitoring and preparing of research for the period 1989-2015 conducted on education in a wide sense.  >> more

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The BIBE is protected by the Act of 27 July 2001 on Database Protection. It is allowed to make use of this database by extraction or secondary use of its unimportant content. It is not allowed to extract and make secondary use on on-going and regular basis which is in contrary to normal use and causing unjustified violation of the ERI’s legitimate interest.

While creating the BIBE, we used best efforts to respect in full moral rights of these researchers who carried out the researches and the ones who are owners of the author's economic rights. Should anyone from this range deemed that the rights were violated in any manner, please immediately contact the ERI and we will use efforts to remedy such case. It should be noted that the information which we collected were often incomplete and with mistakes. It might have happened that despite our efforts we were not able to avoid mistakes in our BIBE, for which we apologise in advance.

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