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The BIBE section team predominantly deals with the monitoring and preparing of research for the period 1989-2015 conducted on education in a wide sense.  >> more

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What is BIBE?

BIBE (The Educational Research Information Base) is the first comprehensive, free database devoted to reports on educational research conducted in Poland. BIBE is created as part of the system project “Education Enthusiasts” performed by the Educational Research Institute. The goal of this project is strengthening the institutional background to modern education research and supporting the educational policy of the country according to the results of research. BIBE database contains important research reports of the Polish educational research conducted in the years 1989-2015, so the time span covers 25 years of research texts on Polish education. Our database allows to advanced searching of information on educational research in the fields of teaching school subjects, methodology, pedagogy, psychology, sociology, economics, political sciences and others.

Why do we create BIBE?

The purpose of creating the database is to register in one place the information about all of the essential educational research. The results and conclusions, which are made available by BIBE and a possibility of creating a list of bibliography by topic, support better monitoring and evaluation of the educational system in Poland. The goal of the project is also to promote the use of research findings in educational policy and practice.

What can we learn in BIBE?

The abstract provided in each description allows to learn the basic information on the research (the research sample, methods and tools of data collection, results and conclusions). Moreover, each record informs of the research date, names of researchers, funding institutions and research centres. Bibliographic description added to each record makes it easier to reach the source text.

How do we assure the quality of data?

Searching educational research for developing in BIBE includes current review of academic journals. Information on research for years 2007-2013, according to which we currently create records, are derived mainly from journals scored by MNiSW (the Ministry of Science and Higher Education).

Who BIBE is addressed to?

The users of BIBE can be decision-makers in the fields of educational policy, as well as researchers, academics, teachers, students, parents of students and all those, who search information on all types of educational research, both qualitative and quantitative, archived (from 1989) and current studies, concerning all educational stages – from the preschool education to Universities of the Third Age

Who creates BIBE?

The database is created by a professional team from the Educational Research Institute which is responsible for updating the information and its applied value, including diversity of sorting and filtering options, adding links to full texts and expanding the number of tags to increase the effectiveness of search.

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